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“Project Love” – Together We Rise Fundraiser

As a single foster mom, I was often praised for having a “big heart” to accept a child into my home. However, the experience and journey of being a foster parent requires so much more than a big heart. I truly believe it is a calling. Perhaps you feel that calling on your life OR maybe your heart simply aches for these children and you want to help but HOW?

Together We Rise provides an opportunity to spark a glimpse of light during a traumatic time. Children are provided with a duffel bag for their clothes which also holds essentials like a teddy bear, blanket and hygiene kit. This is opposed to a trash bag or a variation of it.

At the completion of this fundraiser, a team and I will decorate and pack the bags. I will then deliver the bags to a local agency in Arizona.

Let’s be intentional with our big hearts- that is where action blooms and “HOW” is laid to rest.

Please consider a donation of any amount here.


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