32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series

2 Days to 32- A Reflection Series

Woman of my dreams


I absolutely love this quote. It sums up the mental and emotional space I am currently in…

To become the woman of my dreams is no easy, overnight task. It is a journey. It is my journey. It encompasses all of those questions and thoughts you have in silence. It encompasses the joyful and heartbroken tears. It is all the experiences that you loved and despised. It is the passion that you discover. It encompasses the ability and right to evolve. It is the courage to try. It is pain and turbulence. It encompasses the fortitude to stand up for what you believe in. It is the perpetual shedding of old skin and outdated methods of governing your life. It is finding peace in yourself and in God.

As 32 approaches, I acknowledge the trajectory of my life. I recognize the holes and embrace its fullness. I had been dreading my birthday by preseverating on the “Have Nots”. This alerted me to perhaps the most significant piece of becoming the woman of my dreams : gentle acceptance of where I am and where I will be.


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