32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series

5 Days to 32- A Reflection Series

Vision Boards

As a nurse home visitor, I wear all types of hats in my role. We hold a Moms’ Group quarterly. One group we created vision boards which was so cathartic. I loved it so I decided to make one specifically for 2017 on New Years’ !


Some of the statements here are : peace with myself, the curving winding nature of life, living my best/healthiest life, living a fun life, traveling in & out the USA, gardening, improving my career and reading. I keep my vision board in a place that’s in clear sight. It is also in line with my word for the year: self-care.


This is the board I created for the Moms’ Group. Some of the statements here are: I want love, marriage and to be a good mom, gardening, travel, my love for the beach, graduating with my Masters, having fun and withstanding the obstacles in life.

I would encourage everyone to try creating one….it takes more time than you think and provides an awesome opportunity for reflection OR it can be done with wine and friends.

Happy cutting 🙂


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