32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series · Foster Care

9 Days to 32- A Reflection Series



I love this picture for so many reasons! With 32 around the corner, I must say… “adulting” is an act that I am still perfecting. I am an extremely goofy/playful person and with the exception of certain time periods, that is typically my normal. There are some days when I think…” Why is [insert task] so difficult??” Outside of the individuals who believe 18 is synonymous with adulthood, I think we believe there is some special moment or life button you press that symbolizes your entrance. However, I have found that I am still learning and calling life lines at times. I am still pretty much the young me just with responsibilities, wisdom, tested coping skills and strategies to maneuver in this world.

SO…it is amazing to me that there are children who age out of foster care and begin their lonesome journey into adulthood. If we’re honest, sometimes these children become homeless. I can’t imagine trying to figure it out alone and discerning who is truly there to help vs individuals who mean to harm you. What a weight to carry in addition to other emotions and life experiences that may weigh them down. My heart breaks for them.

I am so thankful that despite my challenges, I have the tools to be successful. Let us all try to be that safe person to help/guide/direct when the opportunity arises …to be the “adultier” adult.


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