32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series · Foster Care

15 Days to 32- A Reflection Series

Moment of Reflection/Silence

While on social media this week, I read a post about a 14 year old girl who live streamed her suicide on Facebook Live. It brought tears to my eyes…for her lost life, for the anguish and helplessness she must have experienced…for her reasons for sharing her final moments publicly. It breaks my heart for the many children and teenagers who take on adult burdens without the tools to manage them. Youth who were not given optimal beginnings…constantly trying to adjust to life and cards of a game that is ever-changing.

All of our hearts should break…but it is not enough to be sad from our couches.

Sadly, her story will be the validation for some families to not become foster parents. No one wants a traumatic or fatal event “on their watch” and the consequences that may arise as a result.

However, I will say this… whether you are a foster parent, a mentor to a child in foster care, someone who donates to an organization, someone considering being a foster parent or someone who has no association at all with children in foster care… this is STILL happening on OUR watch.

There is no pass when it comes to our children. There is no pass when we have information and the ability to donate with a click. There is no pass when we’ve selected the “SAD” emoji on the article detailing the death of a young girl along with 30,000 other Facebook users.

This happened on all of our watch.

Here is the link: http://nypost.com/2017/01/25/teen-broadcasts-her-suicide-on-facebook-live/



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