32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series

13 Days to 32 – A Reflection Series


PCOS Awareness Symposium - Presented by PCOS Challenge, Inc.

I am a bit ashamed to admit that I still haven’t successfully managed my PCOS. As I’ve gotten older, it has become even harder to lose weight. I easily become frustrated and give up as a result. However, this post will not be on my weight. This post will glaze over another piece of PCOS which is irregular periods and infertility.

I mentioned in a prior post about my concerns of “missing my fertility window”. I can honestly say it is a true fear of mine.

*deep breath for confidence*

I have experienced two unconfirmed pregnancies that resulted in miscarriage a week or less following the pregnancy symptoms. You don’t have the “luxury” of a missed period when you go 6 months without ovulating…easily. My testosterone levels are too high, my other hormones are too low – creates the perfect storm for pregnancy loss. I have no ability to track my menstrual cycles because they typically don’t exist. So, the question is ….how was I able to get pregnant then, right?

The first time was just random luck. The second time was a purposeful attempt. I took Fenugreek, Black Walnut and Myo-Inositol for two weeks or so…with the understanding that those herbs improve egg quality and promote ovulation. TWO weeks! You can imagine my look of surprise when I began to experience extremely sore breasts. I had been successful…. but just that quickly…I began to have intense lower back pains and you know the rest. My hormones are seemingly too low to support a pregnancy on my own.

I’ve decided to not focus on love and babies this year. I am hoping to find peace in wherever that aspect of my life lands in the future.

You can also look at 22 Days to 30 for more of my thoughts on this topic.


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