32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series

20 Days to 32 – A Reflection Series 

Money vs Happiness 

I love my current position. As mentioned in another post, I am a home visitor for first-time pregnant women/young ladies from pregnancy until the child’s 2nd birthday. I love educating moms, hearing their stories/epiphanies/joys/concerns. I love partnering with them on their journey. I love how I can utilize both degrees with this position. I am always humbled and grateful that my clients allow me on this journey with them.

I moved 2.5 (w/o traffic) hours away from my family for this position and the opportunity to serve on an Indian Nation with the program.

You can imagine my shock to hear that employees only receive a raise when the entire county can receive one. That meant no raise as I changed nursing brackets for years of experience. That meant no raise for receiving my Masters.

If I was married, these facts wouldn’t be so significant…but I’m not. I am sustaining myself which has never been an issue until I went into public health. My student loan repayment starts in a few months and I have to face the ugly truth….

I can’t afford to work at the job I love. There are no more corners to cut…with 8 years of experience plus a graduate degree…I can’t even justify it.

So…in this case, it appears money wins.


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