32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series

22 Days to 32- A Reflection Series

Trump / Race Relations


Tomorrow is Inauguration Day and I’m just…mentally and emotionally not here for it. I am still shocked by the election results on varying levels. Let me be clear, I did not like either candidate. However, I disliked Trump more. I refused to NOT vote. There were so many…too many…that died for me to disregard that duty.

I feel an uncertainty that I haven’t experienced before in my life. It is not soley directed towards his election. It is the summation of 2016. We had a truly difficult and heavy year. Events of this year were forced into our eyesight…and a division was clearly noted.

I recall one week in particular where I wore all black to work. I was so heartbroken by the death of black men and the Dallas police shootings. As a home visitor, my job requires lots of driving. However, that week… I was literally afraid to do my job. I had no uniform to remove…my skin is black. I felt like I was in the wide open…not because I believe all police officers are bad. I felt that way because I know we are human and intense emotions can be a catalyst for actions/words we normally would not have done.

In addition to all those feelings, I was alone in a new city with a small population of Blacks. So, that week…I peaked my head into my White manager’s office and sat down to talk with her. She listened and we discussed how to help me feel more comfortable on the roads. She gave me a huge hug before I left and I carried on with the day.

I am holding tight to that interaction and to that hope and prayer….that we can listen…that we can empathize…and we can empower one another.

Perfect words from a college classmate:

“…if they are doing something to my sister- it will be me next.”


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