32 Days to 32 - A Reflection Series

28 Days to 32- A Reflection Series



I would consider myself friendly, reliable and maybe too generous at times. I was raised with the whole “See a need, fill a need” idea.  I am that person who stops to comfort a crying person. My heart has also put me in potentially dangerous situations when I’ve noted women in harms way. I say this because…if I will do these things for a stranger….can you imagine my heart for a friend?

Last year, I realized the size of my heart and the generosity of my time, my home and my money was bigger than most. I don’t say this to give myself kudos. I just truly haven’t met many people with a heart like mine. I will say that Sasha’s mom definitely has a similar heart which is why I fought for her family to be selected.

So..with my internal bar higher than most, I have often found myself in friendships that seemed to take more than they gave in the relationship. As a result, it was easy for me to feel slighted or as if the friendship was one-sided. Now…some of my friendships actually have been one-sided but not all of them.

I now understand that not everyone will have my heart and that is okay. I am my own unique person and they are their own unique person. With this “epiphany”, I’ve started to cross bridges of past friendships that have weakened over time and just life circumstances. I have learned to not take things so personal.

I am living in a new city with no friends outside of work. This is my newest project and “quest”. How do you make friends in your 30s?? I am single and childless when most in my age are the opposite. I’d love any suggestions. My strategies so far are : church and joining some type of local group.


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