A New Journey

31 Thoughts

Last year I completed a “30 Days to 30” blog series which was extremely reflective for me. It took some internal persuading…but I decided to do a modified version this year. Oh, and I decided to do it a whole 3 days before my birthday. So, here are my “31 things to 31” which includes my thoughts and statements about important and trivial topics haha.

IMG_20160118_22355231. My love, my faith walking, my Christmas morning…my Stinky Fairy. She is my former foster child of 18 months that I assisted with finding her forever home. We worked diligently for this little one and she transitioned without regressions and has continued to flourish. I had not physically seen her in a year. We recently met up this January and honestly…what words could illustrate how full my heart felt. She held my face to hers, rubbed our noses together and we looked eye to eye as we both laughed. It was truly perfect. Her story is one I remain proud to share and am grateful and humbled to have been given the privilege to mother her.


30. Wow! I remember reading this and thinking how profound?! It’s absolutely freeing when you embrace your right to “change”. We all have the capacity to grow in some extent or in some area. It’s actually OK and healthy to reevaluate your “today” and say…. Hey, I don’t like how that felt… or …what are some ways that could have gone smoother…maybe even… I LOVED that, I want to replicate it!  My take home from this quote is that the “self” is evolving which means we are constantly changing and thus always in a position of rediscovery.


29. O.M.G…… So, my brother single-handedly got me hooked on this particular anime, Code Geass. I was hooked like…planned my day around watching a few episodes typed hook. I learned this past year that I could watch certain anime all day long without shame! I love watching One Piece and The Legend of Arslan…oh, and Attack on Titan is amazing as well!

gift  28. I read this quote and thought it was a wonderful way of reframing the hiccups in life that hinder and maybe even inhibit us on this journey. Perhaps this unexpected, unwanted and uncertain thing is a gift that’s just wrapped in a ugly box. We won’t know until we receive it (accept the situation) and open it (start working through it).

IMG_20160131_222415 27. Back in 2009 when I purchased a home, I was set on building a raised bed to house vegetables. I was in my home for six years and not a seed or sprinkle of soil fell on that ground! Fast forward to 2015, while in China I started purchasing garden materials in anticipation of my return. I started my garden about 5 weeks ago with these Kale transplants. I have since planted carrots that have sprouted. I have a few more seeds in the ground that will hopefully take. I have loved every moment of gardening. It has served to calm me and reaffirm that I am making healthy adjustments.


2 thoughts on “31 Thoughts

  1. Hi, Catherine! I lost your IG account name when I deleted my other account I couldn’t get everyone’s info! Hope all is still well. Love to hear about how teaching in China went for you and if you’re still there!

    Best, Shardae

    Shardae Anderson

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