30 Days to 30

8 Days to 30


February 2014

My sister and I went to Hawaii for about 9 days to celebrate our cousin’s wedding.  My sister can not swim and in my opinion….is scared of water LOL. So, you can imagine her face when I showed her the pamphlet to do the above activity. She was freaked out but eventually succumbed to sister pressure. We had to do a hop from the boat stairs into this machine which in my mind translated as “jump into the ocean”. We both successfully got into our separate machines and began our descent. My sister was feeding the fish and navigating around our little zone. However, Catherine here….was near a full on panic attack. As you can see above but somehow the camera man failed to see…is that I’m clearly in distress! The fish started nibbling on me which didn’t hurt but mentally I couldn’t deal.  I talked and deep breathed myself back to sanity. This was surprising and disappointing for me because I want to get certified to scuba dive. I haven’t given up just yet !




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