30 Days to 30

5 Days to 30

wpid-img_20140922_224242.jpgOctober 2014

Oh China…..

A colleague and I joined a gym together. I was excited to see they had a pole dancing class so we made plans to attend. Little did I know…..I was met with a gasp by the instructor who then left the door to the class open. As we started to learn the routine, a group of men and women gathered at the door with their phones aimed at the Chocolate Chip. YEP…. who knows how many photos and little video snippets were taken of me on that night. One of my students stopped working out when she learned I was there and that’s how I got the above pictures.

I was annoyed and embarrassed by the whole situation. I wanted to just leave but then I realized that this was my experience! I decided to press forward and let it be water under a bridge. So, here it is!


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