30 Days to 30 · A New Journey

11 Days to 30


August 2014
I shared the full details of this experience in a past post. I will try to link it tonight sometime. 
As my followers know, I’m currently teaching abroad in China. I’m not in a large city with some Western benefits. I’m in a small city, 3 hours away from Shanghai.
My bosses and I made frequent trips together to the police stations. I figured everything was handled.

WRONG. They forgot to do my residency permit and silly me didn’t clarify.

To be brief, I was taken to a police station and then driven to another with a total of at least 10 officers around. I had a video interview in a padded room, urine drug test, blood drug test, fingerprinting and then a mugshot. This whole time I’m being told how “beautiful I am” by the officers (via translation). Yes, I was “booked” but not jailed in the freaking People’s Republic of China.
This memory will always be vivid!


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