30 Days to 30 · A New Journey

14 Days to 30


March 2009
As I mentioned in an earlier post, prior to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome “kicking in”, I maintained a weight in the 140s. In a short period during high school, I gained 30 lbs. The weight has continued to build over the years. Due to how PCOS affects the body, weight loss is difficult. I’m now at 201 lbs.
In this picture,  I reached my lowest of 175 lbs from eating right, B12 injections, exercise and an appetite suppressant. This was done through a weight loss clinic. ( I personally require accountability.)

  I kept the weight off for 6 months and then I stopped exercising daily and eating clean.

Fast forward to the present, I did not fulfill my goal to lose weight for my “dirty 30”. However,  I’ve been looking for a product which is not as easy in China. Well, guess what I found randomly. ….Herbalife!

  I’m going to try it for a month and see how I do. A kickstart is beneficial. I have to come in once a day to drink my shake at the center and then measurements & weight checks weekly. The accountability out here is REAL.  Here’s to making a goal and keeping it !


Side note: I visited the Herbalife office this morning where apparently they snapped photos the entire time. I’ve received screen shots of pictures of myself from the newsfeed of people who weren’t even there! I tell you…. nothing I do in this city goes undocumented. 


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