30 Days to 30

16 Days to 30


2008 -“present”

One of my most amazing achievements was earning my license to practice as a registered nurse.  I was determined to work labor & delivery but so was the rest of the world. Although I put in my best effort, it wasn’t enough and bills still had to be paid.

I was 22 years old and starting night shift on a neurological med-surg and epilepsy monitoring unit. I cried before every shift for the first two months because I was so unhappy there! However, I knew that it was part of the process. I grew in countless ways and worked with awesome and compassionate nurses for 3 years.

The following 3 + years, I worked in couplet care. I was in an environment closer to my liking and experienced more good days than bad ones. Granted, the bad days were extremely heavy and some unshakeable.

I am thankful for my nursing career. I’ve had experiences that bring both tears of joy and deep saddness.

I’m uncertain if I will return to the hospital setting. My current goal is to tackle graduate school this year and then pursue my dream position ♡


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