30 Days to 30

18 Days to 30


September 2009
I can’t recall my “rationale” at the time, but with no hesitation, I cut off all my permed hair.

As I reflect,  I remember feeling empowered and beautiful. However, as it entered an awkward phase of length, I started to dislike it and wear wigs or braids.


I began my natural hair journey like many black women. I bought loads of hair products and commenced to finding the perfect regiment.  I quickly learned that I didn’t know my hair. I didn’t know how to handle and care for it well. My hair grew extremely slow.  I became frustrated and put a texturizer in it and then a perm much later on.


Fast forward to 2012/2013, I cut my hair off to return natural again! I lasted about a year or more before I got my hair cut into a style. My Godmother recently asked me to “put the scissors down”. So, I am now letting my hair grow.


It’s required a change of mindset handling my hair. Minnie (my fro) decides to do her own thing most days.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist so you can imagine the struggle. This journey continues to teach me to see beauty in freedom in areas where I want control.


My current hair products for styling :
* Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie
* Coconut Oil


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