30 Days to 30

19 Days to 30


Today I will share a reality I learned in the last few years. I have sung, hummed, and cried until my mascara ran while worshipping God. My responses were genuine, the lyrics were moving and His presence was felt. I was sobbing while declaring the popular lyrics ” All my dreams. All my plans. Lord, I place them in Your hands. I give myself away”.
These lyrics were beautiful and comfortable from the “spiritual box” I had created.

In 2012, God pushed me out of my box. I was front and center with the lyrics I had sung so genuinely. He had an assignment for me that didn’t fit my plans or dreams. It was uncomfortable, unconvenient and not fully accepted by others.

The reality of our declarations are..what do we do when He calls? What do we do when they’re not lyrics anymore? When other Christians don’t support you?

Our response is the true assessment of our worship and relationship with God. It is translated through our obedience and faith in Him. I am learning to truly consider my responsibility to be faithful to my Father in word and deed.


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