Foster Care

21 Days to 30


Life and Love:
I never…..ever……… imagined on the eve of my 30th birthday, I’d be single. I don’t even mean the unmarried single. I mean the “I don’t have a boyfriend and there aren’t any potential candidates” type single.
Surely, God has seen and heard my timeline of life events. Now, I’m 5 years behind, houseless and with a ’13 Mustang * insert fake chuckle*

In my years, I’ve experienced beautiful love that truly fought to be unconditional. In my history, love hasn’t been the issue per se but a lack of commitment, appreciation, trust and compromise.

Betrayal bears a weight and silent bitterness that can drown you. I’ve lived on that side where the tears were endless.

My heart is bigger than me which some days feels like the cause and cure of many pains.

My prayer is to strengthen my faith in His plan regardless of the path or journey in all areas of my life. …… a daily battle.


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