30 Days to 30

26 Days to 30


June 2014

This photograph was taken at the Phoenix Comic-Con which I absolutely loved. I was dressed as Silk Spectre from Watchmen! I had always been so hesitant to attend one until last year.  Our group consisted of my siblings, friends and cousins. I learned just how “grown” I was when I saw an action hero or (fill in the blank) and my heart raced! Okay….we raced……I raced..to get a photo! I am far from a comic book reader so my day consisted of gasps, awkward walk/runs and lots of photos.

We all know Groupon, right? If we skip the products and simply look at the deals for events, trips and activities, we’d note a wealth of experiences in our own backyards. I had lived in Arizona for years, spending countless days bored and alone in my 2001 square foot home. Prior to my move to China, I decided that I would no longer accompany my four walls. I was going to try new things that maybe I’d love or hate, do great or fail but the blessing/growth/fun would be in the experience. Experiences that weren’t even full price! I am looking forward to moving back to the States and challenging myself to continue to live outside the box that I created for myself.


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