30 Days to 30

28 Days to 30


2011/2012 ♡
This is a picture of my, my brother’s and my sister’s hands together having a
“shot” of orange juice. We are silly on our own and a goofy mess together.  As we’ve gotten older, we have grown closer together. I’m thankful we can be transparent with one another. My move to China  made me truly reflect and appreciate them.

Years ago, we made a “contract” that essentially promised we’d be present in each others’ lives especially once we had families.  This is something we missed out on mostly, making our little military family eventually feel like an island. Initially,  this was fine but as our family grew via adoption ( by 6 young children), time had to be stretched. An aunt/uncle/cousin to supplement would have been a blessing. So, presence and support is very important to us. We each signed that contract and keep it in a safe place.

I’m blessed that I can call them my sibling and my friend. My prayer is that we strive to keep our promise for us and our future children.


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