30 Days to 30

29 Days to 30

29 DAYS TO 30


This is the cover of a magazine named, Winds of Hope, created to encourage believers of Jesus Christ. I was asked to write, as God led me, an article geared toward the youth. The name of my article is “The Place of Identity: Who are you?”. It was written during my most intimate time period with God. Despite being nervous and very hesitant to share my writing (His Words), I found peace in His footsteps. This work was published in 2011/2012. It was a blessing to share His Words in print and humbling that He chose me to share these particular ones.

In this situation I was reminded that everything belongs to God. It never crossed my mind that this opportunity could arise between two strangers “randomly” on Facebook. However, God has no boundaries, no limits…and no box despite what seems fathomable  to Catherine. I also experienced how He pours His message into you and the scrambling to write it all down. I think of when small children see their parents and how elated they are to share their day. God wants that same joy in us and from us in our relationship with Him. He wants to hear our day, arrange divine appointments and pour into us a special message to embrace and share.


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