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Our Love









For the first time in my life, saying “I love you” isn’t enough to describe how my heart feels. You will always have a beautiful room inside my heart especially for you. I love you and celebrate you.

I remember your 1st Dr appointment and all the stares we received.  You were pale and a little solemn so some stares were of disapproval. In the elevator,  one woman looked disgusted. The top of the elevator was all mirrors.
As time passed, you grew into a healthy, high spirited little girl. By your last visit to the doctor, we now would board the elevator, laugh and make funny faces in the mirrors.

Many times the world around us was curious so children and adults alike would stare.  They were just witnessing love. A single chocolate woman absolutely in love with her vanilla baby.

The day I told you that you would move to a new home,  you looked at me and said.. ” I know you always want me, Ms.Cafrine”.

For 3 months, I prepared you and we talked about this new family that would come. When the time came, you transitioned flawlessly and continue to bloom. You are resilient, beautiful and covered by the Lord.

Yes, I will always want you and be a mother to you inside my heart.

I pray as life continues that God will cover my heart if our paths should ever separate. 


Ms. Cafrine FaFa


3 thoughts on “Our Love

  1. I am so glad to hear that things worked out with your little one!! God is so good!! I’m not sure if you will remember me from my previous blog, but I have a new blog now Happilyme23.wordpress.com and would love to keep in contact with you. My family and I just recently began fostering two little girls that we’ve known for years, so I can relate to you now more in a way I couldn’t before. My heart is there with you lady. So glad to hear encouraging news of how God works everything out for His glory! ❤ ❤

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