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The “6 Hour Walk Weekend”

Okay…..(Background): There is a social media application called, Wechat, that I belong to and is mostly used by people in China/Asians (?). A Chinese man (Wu) saw me on there and started a conversation maybe 4 weeks ago. We talk through inaccurate translations and it is purely from a friendly standpoint. Well, he has wanted to meet a “black beauty” and so I finally agreed to meet him in public. Long story short, the translation was horrible, he came to the spot and I didn’t. So, by the time I got there, he had left. * No hard feelings considering the circumstances*


Alright…from this point on, I shall call the rest of my story “The 6 Hour Walk Weekend”.


I woke up last weekend and went jogging in this field by my boss’ ping pong center. I then decided to walk the streets of Liyang. It was the usual gawks/pictures and etc. that happens many times while I’m out. (One night I went to a pool hall and the place went quiet! The white male foreign teacher with me jokes how that’s never happened to him before. It can be a bit overwhelming. People even take pictures of me ordering food, eating my food..etc..no hesitation!) I ended up being gone for about 6 hours before I stopped at a little hair salon. I did the motion for a “line up” which luckily she figured out! When she was done, she gave me the price and all was well. I bent over to retrieve the money from my purse and quickly felt a hard slap on my booty!! I gasped in shock and she delivered 2 more quick slaps. I was in complete confusion as I turned around to her smiling and clearly happy with herself. I gave her the money and walked out with a sting on my butt cheeks.


I went home to get dressed for a “High School Graduation/Off to College” party of one of my students. He is 19 years old and headed to Beijing first and then to France to study abroad. His parents rented out an entire bar so it was a big deal. He invited me and I couldn’t say no. So, I get there along with two Chinese co-teachers and my student meets us outside. He told me that I was “17 minutes past time” because the party started at 7 pm…hahahahha. Well, I literally walk in to applause and cheers as my student announces me to about 25 of his classmates. I was completely taken aback!!! So, I went to tables and did toasts and greeted them. He went up to the stage with a mic and made a few toasts. I was half listening when all of a sudden he was standing in front of me and says into the mic, “Teacher, my classmates and I want you to sing a song.” (karaoke)


My mouth dropped!!!!


He was looking at me so freakin expectantly. I couldn’t say no. So, he song first from his chair but when my turn came they wanted me on stage! So, here I am on stage with lights blaring in my eyes, trying to sing a Beyoncé song but realize there are no lyrics so I am doing horrible but people are still cheering and clapping. He then sings an Usher song “DJ got us falling in love”. I was just being goofy from my seat but he handed me the mic again to sing with him. So, we do that and then the rap part comes. I stand up with my mic and act like I’m in a cypher all by myself LMAO. I have the hand motions and all. My student stands across from me (think rap battle like) and he actually starts rapping some! It was so much fun and completely random. They wanted me to do some drinking games to which I said, “NO! I am still your teacher!”


* Law & Order Music for beginning of next day*

Today is the day that I meet Wu at the plaza here. I clean my house and just relax the day until that time. Well, as I mentioned there was confusion about time & place. He doesn’t speak *any* English.. smh. So, fast forward, I am at the place, he says he has already left. I decide to enjoy a pizza and then to walk the inside of the plaza. (This is probably over 2 hours or so) While I’m on the 1st floor, I notice this older man…maybe in his 50s near me. I just note him and keep it moving. I go to the 2nd floor, looking at stores and realize he is near by again….by this time, I’m thinking…Hmmm? So, I say hello in English and Chinese to him, flash a smile and continue on my way.


Long story short, he continues to follow me and now I’m on the 4th floor. I stop and sit at a bench thinking maybe he wants to have a conversation. I offer him to sit which he does and I wait…………nothing. He literally just wants to stare at me. So, after maybe 4 minutes I continue on and of course he waits a minute and then follows me to the 5th floor. I find a game store that is somewhat crowded and I go in there. I end up finally getting out his eye sight and I walked out that place so fast!!! I could not mentally bring myself to run at any point of this and I had already motioned to him to move along twice before. I rushed to the escalators because the elevator was taking to long. I am finally out the plaza and looking behind me to make sure I’m not being followed. I go to cross this little street right as a car pulls up and I see a man throw up his hands. I look closely and realize……. it’s Wu !


He came back to the plaza because I messaged him that I was being followed by some old man. His messages hadn’t reached me after his “Hahaha” message so I had no clue. He is motioning for me to get into his car and I’m shaking my head no and saying NO with my hands. The security guard comes and I’m thinking…oh no. He probably thinks I’m a prostitute lmbo. Wu gets the point that I am not getting in his car, he parks and we get a cold drink. We can’t talk because the language barrier which I told him would happen. He politely asks to take me home and I say No thank you again. We say goodbye and I head home. However, when I get home. I see messages from Wu that he loves me and it is fate that we be together. (??)


It was the most eventful…random….slightly unnerving weekend.


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