A New Journey

China Chronicles of a Sick Girl


Nia Hao!  I am sorry for neglecting this blog. This month has been rough on my body. I had a horrible case of something GI and experienced the usual pleasantries over a few days.  I then was sick with a cold and losing my voice. I am now in Shanghai (on my 2 off days) for training with a migraine, diarrhea and nausea. I’ve lost at least 10 pounds and inches this month. My body is revolting this change and I am starting to stock on Gatorade.  I had Papa Johns pizza and STILL got diarrhea!  My appetite is consistently low.

I say all this to explain why I’ve been gone and to further share my adventures as a new expat. On that note,  I am currently lying in a motel room that has no windows!  It’s the little things that we’ve grown accustomed to and don’t note or appreciate that we end up missing. 


My goal is to share how teaching has gone and my nightlife experience in the next post. 

♡ Please send a prayer up for me ♡



7 thoughts on “China Chronicles of a Sick Girl

  1. You poor thing. Nothing worse than being able to keep food in. Steer clear of too much grease and dairy (if there was cheese on your pizza could be why it went straight through you) until tummy settles down.
    Looking forward to your adventures!!!

  2. Oh no! It’s good to hear from you, but sad to hear that you’ve been ill. Yes, what Cee Jay said, lay off the grease and dairy. You might try a couple of days of hard core vegetarianism and see about getting some probiotics. ❤ Can't wait to hear more.

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