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When the Sun peaks

** Pictures are shared throughout…Enjoy!**
On my way to school

Okay….today is Tuesday, July 15. It has officially been 2 weeks since I stepped foot in China! My first few days here were rough (no doubt) but my communication issues made it overwhelming. After a rough day, you at least want the choice to either deal with it alone or call someone. Those days without my family lifeline seemed unbearable but I made it. I changed the name of my blog because of the emotional and mental bridges I crossed and rebuilt after being a mom to my Stinky (who will be adopted in a few months!!). Those first days here required me to grip on to my courage and remain on my path.


So…. I. WAS. PISSED. after I locked myself out my cellphone. It was similar to the moment after you say, “It can’t get any worse than this.” I was in a sleepy state trying to adjust my phone settings and hit an incorrect number thus changing my password and forever locking myself out. Your girl had APPs on APPs for this trip because I knew about the censoring and heeded to the advice of others. What do you do when your Google powered phone is reset and you don’t have the means to connect to Google OR wifi OR wifi to go to Google because you’re VPN app is gone. Yeah….it was a hot mess. Tears were shed…a very lonely moment.

*Moving On*


I eventually had internet although it was about a week or so before my VPN would connect and I could log on to my desired sites. I have a fairly steady connection now and speak to my family daily. They are using Skype and WeChat so I am a happy woman. I speak to my mother daily ❤

Great food!

On yesterday, I braved the streets of China and headed to WalMart. I was proud that I survived crossing the streets. In comparison to American driving laws, I can say that people stop at red lights/go at green lights but everything in between is frighteningly different. I couldn’t put my seatbelt on fast enough! In America, we can do our cute walk across the street/you have to yield walk…..UMMMM not up in my city!! It is knees to chest! You can’t even run because the traffic. I have been in the middle of the walking lane, timing my run a few times now. If it’s not a car, it’s a moped/tiny China work truck about to run you over.

On my way to WalMart

Speaking of being ran over, I have witnessed a few drivers and passengers with their eyes set on me and not the road. I’m basically the Beyoncé of China….*flips hair*. These are some of the reactions to my brown foreign skin: double takes…parents stopping and pointing me out to their children/telling their children to speak to me/asking to take my picture/boldly taking my picture/gasping/running and getting others to see me and etc. I literally had a woman freak out on me! The nurse in me is trying to assess her with my eyes until I realize she’s freaking out over ME??! She was ecstatic to speak with me. I took a trip with my school to the Tianmu Lake and was in love with the beauty of it all. It turns out that the other visitors felt they were getting a VIP package with seeing a brown skinned person there. A group of men came near my school group and one stopped very close next to me. I realized he was posing for a picture so I moved out the way (to be kind). I heard the universal “Shoot!” sound and put 2 and 2 together. Dude was just going to stand next to me and pose for a picture with the foreigner LMBO. Oh! I can say it’s my brown skin because there was also a white male teacher with us and he seemed to blend in I suppose. There are 4 other foreign teachers here for a total of 6 men and 1 woman (me). I have yet to meet the other 4.

Okay…I will write more soon. Enjoy the pictures!!








8 thoughts on “When the Sun peaks

  1. So happy for your adventure! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the special treatment/royalty/movie star status your skin brings you. I was literally laughing my butt off. Bryan should come visit you. You two would be rock stars together.

  2. Good stories! I know when I go to Nepal, everyone is fascinated with me as a foreigner but if you are a black foreigner they will think you are beyond exotic and crowd around to touch your hair/skin… crazy.

  3. So glad that you got reconnected. I can imagine life without wifi and that is a shame. I experienced that celebrity stairs when I travelled to southeast Asia so I get it. I even had requests to touch my hair and requests to take pictures with me. It is different

    So excited (and extremely jealous) about your new adventures and I’m so glad you can now write us all about them.

  4. “I’m basically the Beyoncé of China….*flips hair*.” Yes, honey, yes!!! I was slayed with this line! LOL. I’m glad you’re settling in and connected! Sorry about the apps. 😦

  5. LOL and LOL Catherine or shall I say Ms. Beyoncé, I can totally see you flipping your hair. Keep writing, you must write a book of all of your adventures when you return to the states.

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