A New Journey

Disappearing Acts- Night 2 in China

** This is the final post done by hand prior to having internet access. I was able to make a connection a few days later. However, there are many sites that are censored and my internet continues to be spotty at times. I am happy to report that I am in MUCH better spirits than the one below. ❤ ***

It's July 4, 4:44 am. As dramatic as it sounds, I feel like I've "dropped off the face of the earth". The reality of being unreachable itself is foreign to me. There is WiFi at the apartment but none of my electronic devices have been able to connect to it. I accidentally locked myself out my phone which resulted in it having to be reset and items lost. I lost all my new music and the apps that were to be pre-installed before arriving to China. Google is sensored here which is death to my now reset Android phone. Everything on my phone is connected to my Gmail. 
I was able to Skype my sister for 5 minutes in the Samsung store via my tablet. I was a stream of tears. It had been over 16 hours since contact with one of my parents and over 24 hours for my siblings.

The apartment is nice but the prior teacher left meat in the fridge.  As a result, I was welcomed to gnats. The owner of the school cleaned the fridge for me which softened the situation somewhat. (I didn't know who he was until hours later.)

I have my first day at school today. The new schedule is from 8-5. The other two teachers (male) have invited me out and initially I was on board. However,  after realizing my Internet situation, I can't fathom doing anything outside of trying to fix it. I want to be able to reach my family and vice versa. If I was with a group, I could deal with some "grey areas". As a (solo female) first time traveler…I'm not comfortable with adding "inaccessible" to the list. I've asked myself is this a deal breaker if the situation can't be rectified…and I'm not sure. I can't imagine being in my family's position, I would not be able to sleep from worrying about my sister.
This is yet another post written by hand to be posted once I am online.


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