A New Journey

10 More Days!


Did you read the title??? Do you see the picture above? I literally have 10 days left in America until I’m off to China! Well, this is pending me being approved for a visa. It turns out that experience as a Sunday School teacher and a reference letter from your Pastor are NOT embraced on that side of the world. There were issues and adjustments made which resulted in stress and sending my visa paperwork to the Consulate with minimal days left. I had to wait for the special package below…


I wish that I could say I was “nervous” but the term seems a bit too cute for the current situation. I’m about 8 hopscotches from it….and a bag of chips. Assuming the visa is approved and returned in time, I will be aboard that plane on July 1st.


The other hurdle is…….PACKING. I’ve made a total of 3 moves since I sold my home. I’ve gone through my clothes three times now and I am STILL unsure. I hear that most “larger” sizes are not available so I am stocking up on bras/panties and evaluating my clothing choices. There is no dryer so I will be using a clothing line instead. There is something about having your lady part covers out in the wind that encourages you to “kick it up a notch” LMBO. (Team No Granny Panties) I am currently at 2 pieces of large luggage, a carry on plus my purse.


I need to install a few more applications to my electronic devices. They censor social media and apparently Google now but as they say…”there’s an app for that”. As I prepare my mind and comfort my heart, I am enjoying spending time with my family and friends. Oh yeah…and that 80s party! I will keep you guys updated 🙂






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