A New Journey

Pre- China Shenanigans

I had the most awesome experience yesterday! ! I attended my first Comic con and about hyperventilated from pure excitement. I wonder if they have these events in China?? I plan on doing some research because it ….was….EPIC.


He smelled so good! Hey Darth Vader! ♡♡


I love me some X-Men!


Because I’m Batman!!!


I literally chased them down!


Who doesn’t love Space Ghost? ?

I love them!!

My little sister said to pretend there was an explosion.


4 thoughts on “Pre- China Shenanigans

  1. Yassss! Ok, you’ve convinced me that I need to experience this once. I’ve got friends who’ve gone and said it was a hoot, but I’ve never been a comic book-head, but I might have to give it a whirl. The outfit—girl! Werk!

    1. ABM..it was just…so freakin awesome. I’ve never read a comic but I love some superheros…and sci fi!! I felt like a celebrity because people randomly stop you for pictures. I’d go yearly!

    1. Thank you! YES. ..we were stopped as a group for pictures because it was 6 of us total in costume. I think people were low key surprised to see my entourage. Lmbo. My brother and male cousin were in masks. It was the best.

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