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Porque estoy feliz


Sooo……yesterday was a great day. My best friend randomly gave me the “OK” to go where my heart desired! I’ve applied to 1 teaching position and 3 volunteer opportunities. I want to spend 3 months or so volunteering and learning the language. I will apply for more teaching positions afterwards. Basically,  I’m going wherever I’m selected first. Some of these programs are crazy expensive and I can’t (in my right mind) justify digging that deep into my savings. I found a few opportunities that are more affordable.  I hope someone responds soon! I’ve applied in Peru and Argentina.  #dontsleeponme LOL.

All the faces in my picture represent my mixed feelings about going alone. I’d say a good 80% is pure excitement.  The other 20%…not so much!

In other news, I spoke to my Stinky yesterday. My big girl had me cracking up on the phone. Her dad’s rights were severed yesterday.  #praisedance

There was nothing but sorrow and violence there….I am at peace that half the battle has been completed.  I prayed to God that her case be resolved before I leave overseas.  I literally couldn’t imagine being so far with her life up in the air.  Thank You, Lord ♡ He can seem so silent at times and definitely pays my time line NO mind at all. Who else is thankful that He doesn’t cater to our fleeting emotions and the decisions we make as a result of them..?

Alright. ..back to packing! The rest of my furniture is leaving today. A family lost everything in a fire. I’m giving them furniture and other house supplies.  Be blessed to be a blessing ♡♡♡


3 thoughts on “Porque estoy feliz

  1. I’m so very excited for you and I love when girlfriends can talk through their differences and come to an agreement. Central and South America are still on my bucket list so I’m depending on you to give me all the ins and out.

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