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Over It




…wait for it…….


I am….SO…and I mean SO…done with this process of obtaining an English teaching position overseas.  I’m starting to think people are praying and fasting against it because this is getting R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.  Silly Catherine…… I thought my bachelor of science nursing degree held some type of weight/significance in the outside world. I was not expecting a flood of positions overflowing my inbox but….not a ONE?

Here are my personal explanations for why this process has been a #FAIL thus far:

1.  Schools do not always have openings for 2 teachers at once.

2. My best friend has her Masters in Special Education plus 2 years of teaching experience. Her experience trumps my zip.

3. We still have financial obligations in the US. It would not be wise financially to apply for positions that pay just enough to break even.

4. ( I can state this confidently…do the research yourself!)  Agencies and employers require you send a picture and sometimes even a full body one! I have read a couple of blogs that write this pretty plainly…. they love our Caucasian brothers and sisters that are from a native English speaking country and will overlook some requirements to employ them.  That being said………………. my best friend and I are very chocolate. There is no getting around it.


We are looking for 1 school that pays decent enough that we can handle home obligations and travel occasionally. It needs to have at least 2 positions appropriate for her and I and be willing to fill them with chocolate women.

It seemed plausible in the beginning.

I’m trying to pack a house in a little over 2 weeks ( by myself) because it closes early May.  She recently did not renew her teaching contract in preparation for the big move. Combine all the frustration/decisions/stress and you have the perfect storm for a hot mess.


We’ve discussed the large possibility that nothing will go as planned, what that means to us and how it may affect our friendship. Although the topics were vital and realistic, it hurt to have it. Asia is not the place I would love to live…(travel? yes!) I’ve mentioned here before that I’d prefer Central/South America any day. Heck, I would live in Mexico to get my Spanish down and be happier LMBO. I enjoy learning the Spanish language and the thought of becoming fluent is just AMAZING!! Yo queiro un papi chulo y horchata, tamales y beaches lmbo. 

Nevertheless….this is our current situation. There is much more to write…but I will lay that all out another day.

Please send a prayer up for us if you feel led ❤



In other news, I completed my 30 miles in 30 days challenge. Well, who am  I foolin….I EXCEEDED IT!

TRUST, it had nothing to do with being healthy and everything with being challenged. The girls included in the challenge with me are all runners for Nike. (In my head). I would literally go to bed and by the next morning…these chicks had ran 4 miles already. By April 21, one of the chicks had already surpassed the 30 miles. The next day two other women finished out the challenge also.  Catherine… being the cool headed woman she is went double time on the treadmill and knocked out 14 miles in 3 days of power walking. Yeah, let that sink in….. #dontjudgeme.

I finished the challenge on the morning of the 24th ONLY because I didn’t want to be the only one who took the whole 30 days smh.

In all my competitiveness, something amazing happened…..I actually had a desire to go jogging. Ladies, I’m talking about a just got off a 13 hour shift, it’s 8:30 at night type of jog. I’ve been doing a mile for the last two nights and it feels awesome. My cousin says next month is a 40 miles challenge. *le sigh* I’ve already looked at my work schedule and color coded how many miles to complete on select days so that I will have all miles completed by the 28th. I jogged about 50/50 of this last challenge. I am hoping to do the same if not better with this next challenge.


Alright I’m done…back to packing this home. It’s a shame that ABM, Mimi and Twenty Two don’t live closer…. you’re cyber status has saved you lol.


11 thoughts on “Over It

  1. If we were closer, i would definitely come and help you pack. Nana and I would both come. I would pack and she would take everything out of the box and throw it on the floor. So we would cancel each other out but we could keep you company LOL.

    In regards to you teaching situation, I like your optimistic position that it is still possible. Even more, I like that you and your friend are being open about your feelings and understanding that this may not work out exactly like you envisioned. Are you two open to working in different places and using your off time to vacation together? Also, have you thought about countries in Africa? The American International School in Lagos, Nigeria had quite a few black American women working there. There are probably two still there right now and if you are interested, I can put you in contact. Another option – they speak Portuguese in Angola – not exactly Spanish but you’ll still have that flavor. Something to think about.

    Go Puddin’ get your 30 miles in. I’m still “thinking” about it. Maybe I can join your next go round but I’ll make my goal 30 instead of 40. Hit me up.

    1. I could see a little one unpacking it all lol. I just posted a “reply”..it all ended up being discussed yesterday morning. She said..” just go where you’re happy. I’m tired of the struggle! ” I was like…YESssssssssss. It was pure excitement. I may have to look up that site. I feel a renewed happiness about it all.
      You should definitely join the challenge!!

  2. I would soooo help you pack, and I would bring Hope. She would sulk about the packing but she would be putting stuff in boxes! 🙂

    I’m praying big, bold things for you. Honestly, it sounds like your heart is calling you to teach somewhere else (if I may say so). It’s clear you want to do this and you’re making it happen, but the location isn’t something you’re passionate about. Now that may be a function of the slow progress or really your desire to be somewhere else. Puddin–it may be time to step out on faith, on your own. I was just rereading one of my own blog archives (Why this Life is Awesome) and was reminded about the need to step into your own life. Also, have you considered maybe doing health education work and putting that nursing degree to use in a related but different way? 🙂

    1. See my new post! I’d love watching Hope “not have fun” but have fun lol. This packing is absolutely no joke. I know my dad is like…”If she calls me one more time”.

      My ♡ definitely craves a Latin country with beaches….and dancing…occasional drink lol.

      So you’re joining the run challenge then??

  3. I’m having a blast reading this blog that you linked from FB. It’s amazing to see how you went from “Maybe this won’t work out” to “We’re both going to China!” Lucky duck!
    Also, I have no idea how you mustered the energy to run after a nursing shift. After seeing how hard you nurses work, it’s actually beyond my realm of understanding to think that you could actually go for a run after. Keep on jamming.

    1. Oh yeah, I think you’ll like China. The Shanghai area itself is completely fascinating. Assuming you have time for the occasional trip, it should be amazing.

      1. Thanks for stopping by, Sir ! It truly is amazing how it all worked out. I am still learning the beauty in not being “in control”. I plan to have multiple excursions. We actually want to spend Christmas in Thailand. Oh lala ♡♡

      2. Oh my gosh, Thailand. Are you planning for the North or South? I’d imagine you are going to Bangkok, but if you have ANY CHANCE AT ALL, you have to visit Chiang Mai in the North. It’s the premier Northern city, and while culturally/historically, it is amazing, the food is OUT OF CONTROL. They have simultaneously the most terrifying and most delicious food you can imagine.

      3. We want to ride elephants and lay out on the beach! I’m allergic to shellfish so I have to be very careful. I will definitely look into that place. I’m all about delicious food. When did you go on all these trips???

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