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A Full Heart


YES. I got to see my love yesterday!! It was our 2nd visit since 02/21/14. She had the biggest smile when our eyes met….

my big girl

We did our cheek snuggles….had a karaoke session using my water bottle as the mic…we collected all the change I brought her for her Hello Kitty bank…we hugged…we ate lunch…we tickled and shared kisses…we played with toys…we talked…she laid in my arms and I rocked her like old times.

Lord knows I love her. I would not say I feel incomplete per se…but seeing her is like a “refresh” button in my life. She reminds me of how love is suppose to feel.

On our visit, she called me “mom” and I told her, “Noo..I’m not mom”. She looked at me like I had hit my head and said, “Ms. Cafrine, you ARE a mom!” It warmed that sad little corner in my heart. How quickly, I had laid that role to rest…yet when she saw me…there was no difference. There was no magic “M” on my forehead that had disappeared. I was still a “mom”.

She taught me a lesson in that moment. There is so much more to being/becoming a “mom” than what first comes to mind. I hope this post encourages someone struggling with the role of “mom”.

Empty beds are not a reflection of a full heart.

Be encouraged.


4 thoughts on “A Full Heart

    1. Right! It was like….hmmmmmmm, this is true! We allow our brains/society to direct us all types of ways. My Stinky looked at what she felt and that was sufficient.

  1. I think it’s healthy for her to still call you mom … since as a (soon-to-be) adopted person, she will always have more than one mom … and you said she is also calling the foster-adoptive mom “mom,” as well.

    1. She never just called me mom consistently. It was a and there type event. I think the “issue” was in my thought process about being/becoming a “mom”. “I don’t have a physical child anymore so now I’m not a mom.” It seems that Stinky looks at my actions…love, etc and defines “mom”. It had nothing to do with me not having a child per se. I like her thought process better ♡

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