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Hurry Up & Wait


“Hurry up and Wait” has somewhat been the theme for the last few weeks. As of today, I am now out the inspection period for the house. We’re waiting for the appraisal results and if all goes well…I will be out the house by early May. I wanted to be positive that the deal would fall through before I sold everything in the house. WELL, that moment is now! I have been handling calls since this afternoon re: the sale of items in my home. I’ve been saying the same little lie, ” Okay, let me speak to my husband first”. It is such a risky process. I literally need manpower for these huge items and my dad is not always available. #singleproblems

Moving right along….My best friend and I are still honed in on China. There have been no offers/interviews as of yet. I do have an interview scheduled next week with a school. I pray it goes well. The process to simply get my OWN self situated has been a hassle. When you add trying to coordinate with another person, it’s a whole other ballgame.
Worst case scenario, I’m unable to get a position and I move to where I REALLY want to go….South America!
I’m definitely still feeling adventurous/stupid…brave/naïve. As I attempt to empty my home and continue with this closing process, there is no pretending that this is NOT real.


I’m still participating in the #3omilesin30days challenge. I am actually proud of myself!

I get to see my Stinky Fairy tomorrow. I am beyond excited.

These are my updates…no true changes. I’m just rushing…and then waiting.


6 thoughts on “Hurry Up & Wait

  1. I’m feeling like I should do a 30 day challenge too. I’m behind since ABM stays walking and reflecting. Is that your Olivia Pope glass girl? I think you need to supersize it to be on par with Olivia but we can call it a mini-Liv.

    1. You aren’t going to believe this…BUT….I don’t watch Scandal! LMBO. I couldn’t tell you a thing that has happened. I’m a light weight so my two mini glasses leave me feeling grrrrrreeaaatttttttt (Tony the Tiger voice) lmbo

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