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My Heart


I have been so busy getting my home ready for the big inspection!  However, no matter how busy I am…I think of her many times in my day. I miss our girl time. I miss tickling her and running around the house. I miss hearing her voice early in the morning and her little feet coming towards my room. In just the last 2 weeks, I finally removed her booster seat from the dining room table. I also opened up the door to her room. I was grieving silently in my quiet and empty home. Each day gets better but that space remains. I talk to her when our schedules permit but that can’t touch 18 months of us being together. 

I’m just in my feelings today.

For every day we have not been together since February 20th,

I love you my Stinky FaFa.


10 thoughts on “My Heart

  1. I love your love for Stinky. Have been following your blog for some time now and often “see” you over at ABM. True love has nothing to do with space or time. Sending a positive kite!

  2. Nana has only been with us for a little over a month and it feels like she has already been here. I can’t imagine her leaving now let alone after 18 months. I am so emphasizing with you and this grief.

    1. Yes girl. SMH. My heart.

      I’m ready for our book offer..between me, you and ABM…we have a variation of stories and stages. ABM, grab that thesaurus and let’s do this lol.

      1. Oh man. You have started something now. ABM! Puddin is calling us to the floor. I have an idea. I’ll PM both of ya’ll.

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