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Are you guys and gals still there??

I really tried to sit and blog some days ago with no success. Time flies even when you aren’t having fun 🙂

As you guys know, I am selling my house in preparation for a move overseas. Let me tell you….people are a trip! I’ve had only 1 in about 6/7 realtors actually schedule a showing the day prior. I’ve had about 3 agents call the day of in addition to 2 agents just randomly at the front door. HOWEVER, I will not complain because…..

I got an offer on my home today!!!

My home has been on the market for about 2 weeks. I was impressed considering homes are taking about 2-3 months to sale per my realtor. I pray that all goes well with the inspection. We are set for an early May closing. I am low key freaking out at the thought of clearing my home in that time frame. Hence, the picture above…..I am a single woman and my dad must fulfill his responsibilities until someone else can…right??


I received my passport and my national criminal background check in the last 10 days. I went through the FBI channeler, NCBI…national criminal background check? ( I will verify that). I definitely had some obstacles this week in making arrangements. My previous recruiting agency required 2 letters of professional recommendation. Naturally, I would choose my employer of 5 years. WELL, my employer does not allow supervisors or managers to write professional recommendations! I looked to the internet to remember some past professors and shot out 3 emails. I am not old but college was close to 7 years ago! I have only had 1 response as of yet.

The largest issue I encountered with making arrangements was having to change our country. My best friend and I plan to do this journey together. We would not have been to able to do that in Korea amongst other reasons so we decided to withdraw our applications. I will say that my initial impressions of Korvia were positive and my best friend liked them also. She did express a slight language barrier during the Skype interview. We were working with Gone2Korea originally. It started out well and then the recruiter randomly backed out by basically stating that he had not reviewed the entire EPIK application and that she was able to find another agency.


We are now directing our attentions to Asia as a whole especially China. I’m starting to feel either very stupid or very brave! This is such a HUGE decision in so many ways but I do feel peace that everything will work out eventually.

TRUST, Catherine has a passport and is about to be houseless. I will be in somebody else’s country come fall!!! I have put my application in at another agency. It’s a “Hurry up and wait” type situation.


My cousin challenged me to do 30 miles in 30 days whether it be walking, running, jogging or etc. I don’t know what breakfast of champions I had that day…but I accepted the challenge! So, I have “wogged” ( walk + jog) for the last 3 days for a total of 4.96 miles. I really don’t want to fail at this challenge especially because it’s all tracked by the Nike App.

Moving on, Stinky Fairy’s adoptive mom put on her wedding dress (to be a princess) and they had a tea party!! She sent me so many pictures. I was so in love! She also told me that the court may be waiting for dad to be released to make any final decisions regarding severance. I can’t even go forward…let’s just say… I broke down on the phone when I heard that news. All I want to do is protect her. I pray our system does not continue to fail her.

My overall conclusion of myself right now…. I’m healthier and down almost 15lbs. I am making progress to moving overseas.

I am looking forward to the journey ahead.


3 thoughts on “Smorgasbord

  1. Congratulations on the sale of your house! So exciting. I’ve often just wanted to just pick up and go on a leave with my family. I’m thinking Central/South America. But for now, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you.

    1. I would LOVE to stay in those countries. The pay isn’t fabulous so with me still on the fence about selling my car, I need to be able to continue my payments. This is why I’m leaning towards Asia. I will eventually reside in one of those areas for at least 6 months.

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