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Layers of Life


SO….in true nurse fashion,  I completely failed in seeking medical attention until I was in ridiculous pain.  I arrived at the ER looking a hot mess. My ladies who have ever slept on natural hair without twisting/braiding/doing ANYTHING can imagine the extent of my struggle!! To be brief, I was placed on two antibiotics and after about six days developed fevers & chills on and off 3 days. I returned back to the ER for a work up that basically had the DR stumped. My blood work (so far) looks fairly normal. Well, I go home and then what….I develop a rash over my body! I’ve been out from work for almost 2 weeks now dealing with my health. I see my PCP tomorrow to discuss more results. Prayerfully, nothing grew from blood cultures.  Moving on………….


I was able to speak to my Stinky four days ago! It was our first time since we met at the restaurant. We laughed and were silly for about 20 minutes. I told her how much I love her and how talking to her makes my heart happy. I told her that I missed her and how proud I was of her. She is such a big girl. It has officially been a month since she’s moved to the new home.  YES… 1 MONTH. It feels like it’s been at least 3 months to my heart. Stinky is doing SO well. My little girl has not regressed a bit which eases my heart and gives me peace. She is so resilient and blessed.

(Side note: My licensing agent called me today. He has been texting/emailing/calling because he thinks I should go ahead and close my foster license. After his 3rd hint, I nicely told him that I worked very hard for my license and would close it when the house sold. I am open to doing respite which we have discussed before today. Am I being difficult? ………. I’m not ready. ) Moving on…………


Pigs flew and the cows came home………because I was able to get my paperwork sent for my passport renewal and national criminal check! I applied to the teaching agency after creating a CV, cover letter and carefully selecting 2 photos. I’ve also requested 3 copies of my official transcripts.  I received an email from the agency overnight to schedule a SKYPE interview!!!!  I AM SO FREAKING PUMPED.

The house has been on the market for a few days and it’s been shown 3 times already. I’m really praying for a relatively quick sale. I need to be free from this house by late July at the latest but the earlier the better. I want to stack up plenty of funds for all the traveling I want to do while overseas. I traded in my Rogue for a beautiful, shiny, black, 2013 Ford Mustang with black leather interior. Her name is BLADE. (Yes, I did ) I’m not getting rid of my new baby so I need to have money stacked to house her and make my payments while I’m living abroad.



My next focus is to complete the TESOL course I am enrolled in within the next few months. My best friend and I are about neck to neck in the process. I am waiting on my recommendation letters ..she already has her letters. She needs to enroll in a TESOL course.  I definitely have moments when I’m like……Puddin, you’re really going to go forward with this??? I think for a second but I don’t have any hesitations with this move. Speaking of hesitations, I would love to get my scuba diving certification before I move so I can dive at ridiculously awesome sites overseas. However, I am low key scared to make that leap but I feel that I’d gain a whole new level of respect and self confidence if I did.


I know this post has been slightly all over the place…but it reflects all the different layers of my life currently. So, to finish off this post, why not share one more picture??







5 thoughts on “Layers of Life

  1. Wow, so much going on. And, no, I don’t think you are being difficult regarding your licence. You will know when you’re ready.
    So glad to hear Stinky is doing well. You obviously helped make her transition to her new family go smoothly so she is flourishing. Well done.

  2. I don’t know how I accidentally got unsubbed from your blog! I was wondering what was going on with you and now I see how behind I am. Hope you’re feeling much better and I’m delighted to hear how Stinky is progressing.

    I’m so proud of you and all the major moves you’re making! Woot, woot!

    And yes girl…just sleeping on my untwisted hair is one of the deadly sins!

      1. Hardly! Not sure how it happened but I was thinking to myself–Why hasn’t Puddin shown up in my feed??? Finally had some time to mosey over to your page and voila! I”m all in! 🙂

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