A New Journey · Foster Care



SOOOOOOO…..this is my excited face because I finally got one of these placed in my yard.


YES…my home is finally for sale!! Let’s see…I purchased my home when I was 23? Lord knows it was so much easier to buy it than just the preparations to sale it. As I went through mail dating back to 2011, I wondered… “Why in the world didn’t I trash this stuff???” There were so many THINGS that I’ve been holding on to because “I may need them”. I’m talking beyond mail now. It’s like my home became some time warp of the past. I have more memorable things and junk from the past than from the present! I will confess that for over five years…my heart relished and felt most safe in past thoughts. I have learned that time can not be granted back to you.

As I went through my things….I smiled, teared up and let go with each paper I trashed. I feel like I’m shedding old skin so that I can walk in….be present in…and enjoy the new journey ahead. I want life to feel refreshed. I want to live grateful for each moment with adventure running through my blood. I want to return to where I abandoned my intimate relationship with God and take His hand. I want to be made over by Him and overjoyed when in His presence. I want to have so much joy that the wall around my heart falls…and maybe…..just maybe…fall in love someday.

***** Side Note***** I was beyond irritated with comments made by adoptive/foster moms on Facebook today. They were regarding an article of an adoptive mom’s story of a placement being disrupted. I’m not one for debates or calling people out but I had to put my 5 cents on that post. I say all this to say that I am SO happy that you guys have never came at me sideways!! In my almost 2 years blogging, I have not seen judgmental/rude/ignorance posted on my site or others. I appreciate that we can come from a gentle loving place with whatever we’re trying to convey. It makes a huge difference. Social media is HUGE. People feel safe to research and wander on foster/adoption pages/clubs and etc. What a way to scare off people! Let’s see…YES, we would love for you to foster/adopt this child that may potentially have X,Y,Z issues, deal with the system, dodge opinionated family/friends/church members/strangers AND other foster families who are waiting to get a kick while you’re down. There is a complete difference in sharing your experience and coming to the conclusion that your similar experience is the standard for everyone else.

* Large sigh * Okay, I’m done.


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