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Shine Bright


Oh..my….my..my. I don’t recall it being such a hassle to obtain a passport! My last one was back in 2001 in high school. I’m sure much has changed since then. I did learn a few things in our 4 hour excursion to get our applications processed.
1. Always have the original….. ( I should have known this)
2. The government has strict requirements for your passport photo.
3. Verify that the Walgreens/CVS/Other taking your picture is aware of the requirements for a passport photo. There are more rules than you may imagine and making two trips is ridiculous.
4. Be extra thorough reviewing the list of required documents, accepted forms of payments, exceptions and etc.

To be brief, my best friend and I left empty handed that evening. This week we will tackle this process again and hopefully come out one step closer to S. Korea!

I ran into an old supervisor the other day and we updated one another on our lives. She was so excited to hear about my new move. It donned on me…ask her if she’ll do a recommendation letter for you! She said YES which made me extremely happy. I have finally came to that awkward place where I need to speak with my manager about my move and ask her to write a recommendation letter. I’m going to send my prayers up and believe that it will all work out.

This move is HUGE not only because I’m moving out of country. I am also temporarily leaving my profession as a registered nurse. I love being a nurse! As a nurse, we are constantly educating patients so that they are aware and empowered. In that sense, I am use to teaching. I have also taught Sunday School with up to 13 children. I feel this gives me a tiny foundation which is better than nothing. Oh! You also usually see a family of nurses and teachers. For example, my mom is a teacher- she has 2 daughters who are nurses. My best friend is a teacher, her mom is a nurse. I see this quite often when I speak with other nurses. I think this means I’m genetically linked to teach? Eh…maybe that’s a stretch 🙂 Regardless, I don’t feel nervous about the actual teaching part. (At least not yet).

Moving along…the picture above is my best friend and I at a night Color Fun Fest. We had so much fun! I’ve looked at 5K sites but NEVER would have signed up for one. Well, until now 🙂 No, I didn’t run the full length but I did run some of it and was proud of myself.

I get to talk to my Stinky Fairy today and am elated about it. I miss her little self. I’m noticing that each day, being alone is becoming a little easier. It doesn’t feel like an elephant in the room. I stopped wondering what did I use to do before I became a mom and focused simply on what do I want to do NOW.

* Shine Bright*


6 thoughts on “Shine Bright

  1. The nurse teacher thing is so true in our family. My grandmother was a teacher her 3 daughters all became nurses, her son’s daughters all became nurses. Of the 3 daughters who became nurses, allof their daughters became teachers. I thought it was justvus lol.

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