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A Tale of Puddin, Tigger & The Blessing


I’ve been tossing an idea in my head for the last week or so now regarding my blog. I started this blog about two years ago once I had completed my PS-MAPPs course. It has journeyed with me through the licensing process, the arrival of my Stinky Fairy and her transition to an adoptive home. As we all know, the blog is titled, “A Tale of Puddin, Tigger & the Blessing”. She was/IS the “Blessing”. Tigger was my cat of six years. He was not fond of Blessing and had to be moved out within months of her coming. “Puddin” is my nickname. Well, once you take out Tigger and Blessing….it only leaves ME. I had a light bulb moment…the name of my blog doesn’t reflect my life anymore.

Yes, I could roll with “A Tale of Puddin” but it just doesn’t reflect the state of my mind or heart these days. I have so many emotions about the present state of my life. As I mentioned in my prior post, being a mother has changed me. The thing about being a mom…is there usually isn’t a grey area. Yet, I am in this shady zone….a childless mother. I know that she is loved and that makes it 100 times better for my soul. It’s my heart that tends to wonder under it’s own stormy cloud. I know that God is a Comforter so in the cloudy moments, I silent my thoughts and focus on the positive. I focus on the journey ahead that includes Blessing and her new family. I focus on being proud of a “job well done”. I focus on how being a mom has changed me into a different woman. It has been a catalyst in many ways for me. The new name for my blog became a given.

I hope that my followers remain with me but I understand if not. Welcome to my new journey…the ripple effect of my heart, mind and soul being altered because



3 thoughts on “A Tale of Puddin, Tigger & The Blessing

  1. I’m staying too! Your posts are encouraging and such a great way to see the beautiful outcome of being a foster parent. You are forever changed, yes, but you’ve also forever changed Blessing as well. You’ve made a mark on her eternal destiny – and that is something to be proud of! xoxo

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