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Yesterday, I was a Mom


In a few more days, I will be home and face to face with reality. I’m thinking about my “old life”, life as a foster mom and the life to come. It is very clear…being a mother has changed me. It’s had multiple effects but I will share one today.
I feel BRAVE. This time of being a single foster mom and ALL that comes with the title known and unknown has made me less fearful. I feel refreshed in my own purpose and more comfortable in expressing my desires.
Story time:  My sister is fearful of the water.  I am in love with it.  I wanted to get in the ocean and just swim but it would have to be alone. I hesitated, stripped to my bathing suit and jumped in! It was so empowering to rebel against my thoughts. I got in there and let the currents take me away. I dug my feet in the sand and I fell in in the waves. I felt free. I let a woman put 3 parrots on my body for pictures (would have been a no go before). These are not great feats but changing your mindset that lead to these experiences IS. 

“Yesterday, I was a Mom”. Today, I look forward to going home and starting a new chapter where I am brave for me.



4 thoughts on “Yesterday, I was a Mom

    1. Mimi, I am definitely hanging it up. Being a foster parent is difficult period…being a single one is even harder. I’ve decided to make a huge lifestyle change and fostering won’t even be an option. I’ll be sharing that story very soon too.

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