Adoptive Placement Transition

Unforgotten Prayers

As I reflect on my time as a single foster mom…there have definitely been rough days. However, these last few days dealing with the move of Stinky to her adoptive placement has been overwhelming. My parents and friends do care about me…but they have their own lives. It would be so awesome to not cry alone….to have that undivided love/time/hug from someone who is sharing this heavy mixture of emotions.

…………………Nonetheless, that is not my case. I’m sitting in an empty house scrolling through the pictures sent by the soon to be adoptive mom of Stinky’s first overnight. She is doing beautifully. Stinky looks like she is on cloud 9. She has even started calling them “mom” and “dad”. My heart feels very full.

This couple has been trying to have children for 10 years. YES…10 years. I can’t even imagine the depth of those emotions. She has prayed and cried for this moment. She has felt like her prayers were unheard at times.  She shared that with me. Who knew that 18 months ago, her Blessing would enter foster care and my home? The process of healing and molding would start for Blessing until she was right where He wanted her for this special family. Their home is licensed for adoption only so they would have never met Blessing initially. She had to be placed into a foster home and the case plan changed to severance/adoption before things would line up. Their blessing was happening behind the scenes. What an amazing love that God has for His children. I feel completely overwhelmed with love and peace. The sad moments come but the big picture is breathtaking. Her prayers were not forgotten or unanswered.. .even in 10 years time. What a magnificent love He has for us.


4 thoughts on “Unforgotten Prayers

  1. If it helps, I am crying right along with you over here. Tears of joy for Stinky and her new parents, tears of sadness for your loss and even tears of sadness that Stinky’s biological parents caused so much sadness and pain.

  2. What a beautiful reminder that God always knows what’s happening, even when it seems that nothing is happening to us. What a magnificent love for us He has, indeed!!

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