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5 days left


Yesterday morning we had the second visit between Stinky and the adoptive parents. They all played for about 30 minutes and then went around the corner to the park (alone). My licensing agent came by about 10 minutes after so it was nice to have a distraction. I had expressed to him that the adoptive parents and I were basically winging this whole process. We had no clue of the specifics so were basically following Stinky’s lead. Prior to him coming, Mrs.D and I had decided to do the first overnight on Sunday. Stinky has been SO vocal about her wants. She has talked about them frequently and had been excited for yesterday to see them again.

I shared all this my licensing agent who knows that I leave for Hawaii on next Friday for 9 days. After the family had been selected, we lost a week because (we learned later) the caseworker was sick and apparently the adoption specialist is not needed any longer? Who knows. SO…if you can imagine, CPS and my agent are requesting that the move happen before I leave if Stinky continues to do well. If the Sunday overnight goes well, she will be picked up on Wednesday morning for 2 overnights. If on Friday morning, all looks well, I’m suppose to go to their home before my flight and say my “see you laters”.
………………………………………………………………………………… SIGH…………

I was told by Mrs/Mr.D that Stinky was asking to get in their car and go home with them on their way back from the park. It gets better. In front of the parents and my licensing agent, Stinky says “Ms.Catherine, you don’t have a baby anymore”. She also told the D family …”I don’t live here anymore!” She said all these things very “matter of fact”…it didn’t seem to come from a bad place. However, in that was/IS hard to not take it personally. I felt like the old favorite toy would on Christmas day. She is completely accepting of the D family and advocating for her little self. The adoptive family is on board, Stinky is on board…there is no reason to slow the process. Mrs.D would look at me …I know she could feel me trying to stay above water. I put on a smile and told her, “You are officially expecting!”

I never thought it would happen this fast and of course I am slotted to work the next 4 out of 5 days before she leaves! It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t 13 hour shifts. I called in FMLA for today so I can have at least have 2 days with her before it happens. There is a possibility that the process is prolonged but I doubt there will be unmanageable issues. This girl was already talking about her room and what toys does she have inside it. We’ve talked about her living with them means she won’t be living with me anymore. We discussed how they aren’t “the boy”/”the girl”. They are a “mom” and “dad”. She then said…”Oh, they’re parents! I want to go to my parents’ house.” We’ve been discussing this move since I am happy that she is understanding.

I prayed for her to have a smooth transition and that she didn’t feel any hurt. God took it and ran…whatever is best for my Stinky.


4 thoughts on “5 days left

  1. Definitely praying for you during this transition. See you laters aren’t easy. Good for you taking some time off work to spend with her.

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