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Introduction Meeting

Today was the 1st day of  “The Change”.  The meeting with the adoptive family was set for 10am. Ideally, the caseworker was suppose to come but she had court. She told me to basically allow them to interact with her for an hour. So, that was the plan!  The wife sent me a picture of them in the car en route to my house. It was a random and fun gesture…I knew that we were all nervous.

I felt like my heart was going to pound its way right out of my body when I heard the knock at the door. I opened it to find …the “D family”. I gave them both hugs…and do you know…this woman hugged me. Stinky was not her normal crawl on top of people self. She actually did allow some personal space and was a complete charm. I literally sat back and witnessed His magnificent orchestration. Stinky played and laughed and smiled. Mrs. D’s face has MOMMY written all over it and she was a beautiful balance of confidence and nervousness. Mr.D sat back at first but ended up on the floor amongst about five baby dolls and her entire set of play food. Mrs.D and I shared our hearts to one another with such a natural easiness. She shared how much she respected me for what I had done with my Stinky. I shared with them why I believed they would be a great fit for her. There were many tears shed on this morning…a lovely mixture of happy and sad.

The one hour meeting ended up being three hours. It was never awkward…all very smooth. Mrs. D shared with me how she and her mother went shopping for Stinky’s doll house. They bought a figurine to represent me because I was in their family. She told me how they want me to be included and attend my future wedding and other life events.

Every bit of me glowed at the possibility. Today, I welcomed happy tears.  



11 thoughts on “Introduction Meeting

  1. I’m so happy it was a positive experience. I’ve shared with you that I am so grateful for Hope’s last foster mother and father. They too will forever be connected with me and my family. I’m so glad it was easy and natural and good. Yay!

  2. Changes are never easy but it is so great that you and the adoptive parents were able to have a great visit and focus most on what Stinky needs. I’m glad to hear that the door is open for you to continue a relationship with Stinky. Do you think you will try to stay in touch?

    1. Yes…as much as they will allow. She is so young. They don’t HAVE to..she could eventually just forget me in time. They currently want me involved. ..even as “family”. Time will tell…I am understanding of both sides.

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