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Empty Spaces 2


I attended a phone conference with the potential adoptive placement. They seemed a little distant but I think it was nerves. I’m enjoying my Stinky so much more this week. If the transition goes well, she will be moved in the next 3 weeks.

The thought of packing all her clothes and toys is just ……

………and I remember that God makes no mistakes. He built me to love….and to love with no limits. I’ve loved when some would have hated. I’ve loved when almost drowning in depression. God reminds me that He fills my cup of love. I have no right to withdraw or restrict it. It is not my own. I am not my own. It is not in God to forsake this heart or my Stinky’s. He will manage all the empty spaces.

I hear the declaration,

“It is well with my soul.”


8 thoughts on “Empty Spaces 2

  1. Hang in there Puddin. Stinky’s family to be is so grateful for you and the love you’ve given her during this time. Your labors will bear fruit for her and her new family. Sending you positive energy!

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