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Late Night Thoughts


It’s amazing how time has flown by and how life has changed us. The caseworker thinks she will be in her adoptive placement by mid February. They will continue this journey into the trial for severance. I’ve only had one explosion of tears so far. I know there are many more to come. It’s been rough making these decisions, taking in to consideration multiple factors. Her little book will be full of pictures. I will do my last part to make sure she sees her happiness and how much she was loved by my family and I.


4 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts

    1. There are definitely many valid fears. My parents adopted six children, twins exposed to alcohol in utero, 1 with meth and the others had effects from environmental factors. They all have their own idiosyncrasies…behaviors and such but they are better than expected. We are grateful for that and just take it day by day. Lots of IEPs and thinking of alternative ways to modify behaviors.
      There’s been many sacrifices but the best blessings take some work, right
      ? 😍

    2. I think at times….I don’t realize the huge difference it has made! Perhaps I’ve just been having a few rough nights.

      I tried to leave a comment on your last blog but it wouldn’t work! That’s why I have the random reply above. I copied and pasted it ❤️

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