Adoptive Placement Transition · Foster Care

The Treasured Year

In the extreme mess of this year, I discovered a jewel. It was hidden but the sparkle of its’ light guided me. It took a great deal of lifting. I strained some muscles, became exhausted and at some points…felt like giving up. Its’ sparkle reminded me of its’ worth and the value of my struggle. I was bruised up and drained. One day, I realized there was only one rock remaining. It was the largest and although I felt like it was all I had left….the rock was lifted. I was finally face to face with the jewel. It was dusty and rugged in some spots but it’s sparkle untouched.

I had found me and not on my own.

God has worked it all for my good.

Good morning, peace.

My name is Catherine .



One thought on “The Treasured Year

  1. I like this… would you mind sharing the rest of that affirmation – “I declare it is not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in my heart…

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