Foster Care

Are we there yet ??


This weekend I went out and had FUN! My parents watched my Stinky and I got to shake off some of this stress. It’s been about 14 months in this case. Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to ignore all the calls to schedule visits for the licensing agent and case worker and therapist every month. This doesn’t include the CPS workers coming out for the investigation. I’ve had to make an attitude adjustment! I am soooo tired of people in and out of my home. I understand that this comes with the package but I’m still over it ! This case has dragged and there’s still more time to pass. The case worker is estimating about another 4 months or so which translates to 6 months to me. She also said that I won’t know if I’m the official placement until after the trial is completed. I am not a fan of being in “limbo” but this is our reality for now.

On to fun news! I’ve almost finished the gift bags for the birthday party! I purchased her tutu and now just need to make her 4 shirt. I am so so excited. I bought her a Dora fiesta kitchen that she is going to freak over. She has no idea how awesome this birthday will be.



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