Foster Care

Isaiah 58


A face to the name, “Ms. Cafrine”. My heart feels so heavy for my Blessing.  She had no clue the visit two weeks ago was the last time she’d see her Mama. She is older now and has more questions that require more detailed explanations at times. I sometimes refer to myself as the,  “mommy boss” when she gets in some of her modes. It usually helps her understand my role better. Well, her reply tonight was, “You’re not my mommy. My mommy’s at the building! ” OUCH.

Regardless, I stayed firm that I was the mommy boss and the task must still be done. If only she knew the huge decisions being made around her. I pray that God will cover our hearts,  minds and soul during this journey to adoption.  I also pray for a gentle transition into our legal status of mommy and daughter.

It’s amazing how much you can love, how much you can bear when your faith and strength lies in Him.


9 thoughts on “Isaiah 58

  1. Such sadness in the midst of the joy. 😦 I love that you are able to recognize that, even though her mom was a terrible mother, she’s still her mother and your Blessing still loves her and will still miss her. You are going to be such a wonderful mom. ❤

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