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I’m kind of pregnant. . .


This week has proven to be similar to a roller coaster. I was instructed to call and make a report to CPS and contact the police regarding the events from Monday (see last post). I was also told they obtained grounds for severance of both parents’ rights! After almost a 14hr shift, I waited for a hour plus on hold for CPS! I couldn’t last any longer.  I notified the police which came to my house maybe a little after 11pm. I was knocked out and looked like a crazy when I answered the front door!

This morning at court,  the case plan was officially changed to severance and adoption.  I was also told the judge apologized for restarting the visits which led to my Stinky regressing. I was officially asked by the case worker if I wanted to adopt her….after many conversations with God, reflection, pulling of my hair, sweating bullets and nausea (just to name a few)
..I said, YES.

So, I guess I’m “expecting” now…  🙂


15 thoughts on “I’m kind of pregnant. . .

  1. Hooray! She couldn’t have a better mommy! On a side note- don’t you hate looking like a crazy in that deep sleep after a long shift? Haha at least you woke up! I’m pleased w the judge for apologizing. It’s all forward from this point! XOXO

    1. Ughhh my whole response just deleted! ! Basically, we have court in a month but no rights have been officially severed yet. Case plan has changed. I look forward to all of this ending!

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