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The Ride of a Lifetime…LOVE


This morning my Stinky fairy woke up crying,  “Mommy”. She fell back to sleep on her own and woke up normally about a hour later. She came downstairs to me and while going potty makes a very sexually graphic statement for a three year old. She even acted out a piece. My mouth dropped….I’m sure. I looked at her,  completely blown and simply said, “I love you”. After a few minutes,  I decided we needed prayer. So, I cried and prayed over her.

So, then I’m lost in my thoughts while cleaning the house. I come back downstairs to find her in a corner…fondling/manipulating/whatever word with herself. I understand that they’re discovering and such but after the statement she had made… I had to take all the deep breaths.

To top all this off, CPS called to do a follow-up investigation today.

I called to speak with the case worker and therapist. .. no return call as of yet. Court is this week and I don’t know if the plan was decided to be changed or not.
I just have a lot of thoughts.. concerns…and doubts. I’m trying to lean on the only constant as of late…. Love.


6 thoughts on “The Ride of a Lifetime…LOVE

  1. The fondling self in toddlers is apparently very normal. They do as an anxiety coping mechanism. Happens a lot in new daycare settings at nap time, in transition periods, moves, etc. Supposedly is a phase that doesn’t last for a long period of time. But the other you describe could be indicative of other “bad experiences”. Prayers!

  2. What a tough journey you’re on together. Our system seems to fail our most precious and innocent of people. I thank God that in the midst of all the bad their are people like you whose light shines bright in the darkest of places. I said a prayer for you all. God Bless you!

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