Foster Care

A vulnerable heart


The balancing act of my heart in this case seems pretty one sided. I truly don’t know how to go from preparing for adoption to maybe the incarcerated bio parent will be cleared? It it such a vulnerable feeling…having the “complete” knowledge of what potentially may lie ahead of us. My mind wants to take cover and slowly back away in fear that the hurt will be to heavy.  My heart says love her stronger regardless of what may come! My heart says pour it all out…because right when it feels empty, He will be right there with His endless supply. He will uphold me, He won’t let me drown in my tears. He will give me peace but I must do my part. This is regardless of how the case may end.
So, I end with this….with Him, my heart is safe. The vulnerability comes in me trying to handle this my way…without true faith. We can read a whooooole lot of scripture, even have it memorized but what do we choose when an opportunity comes to apply it? What do we do when the widow, the orphan, the poor are in our reach to bless? The mission is definitely greater than a dollar here and there. We don’t want to feel vulnerable,  manipulated, played, taken advantage of, uncomfortable and etc, so we hinder other people’s (and ours) blessings by not being in place. Let’s all strive, decide…for our hearts to take cover in God and to step out on faith and obedience.

Love hard!


8 thoughts on “A vulnerable heart

  1. I’ve been in your shoes. It is soooo unexplainably hard! Just love that baby with all your might. God will give you the strength you need for whatever is to come. It is completely out of your control so just enjoy your life now…trust me when I say easier said than done!

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